Board & Committee Experience

  • SD43 School Board Trustee - Elected 2014
  • SD43 School Board - Past Vice-Chair
  • SD43 Audit and Finance Committee - Member 
  • BC School Trustee Association - Member & Metro Board Representative 
  • BC Public School Employers Association - Past SD43 Representative
  • English Language Learners Consortium - SD43 School Trustee Representative
  • SD43 Student Leadership Council - Trustee Representative
  • SD43 District Parent Advisory Council - Trustee Representative

Community Service & Involvement

Personal, Career & Credentials

  • Wife and proud mother of two SD43 students
  • Tri-Cities resident of 22 years
  • Small business owner and accountant
  • KPMG Accounting Firm - Records Management 
  • Sprott Shaw College - Business and Office Administration Graduate & Instructor
  • SD43 Coquitlam Continuing Education - Business Administration and Management Certificate in Conflict Resolution
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Graduate and Piano Teacher 
  • Citadel Montessori Preschool - Music Teacher 
  • Licensed Professional Investigator for 10 years


Diane Sowden - Exec. Director, Children of the Street Society :

 “As a 4 term School Trustee, I had the great opportunity to work alongside Carol during her first term. I have witnessed Carol’s endless energy and deduction to school district 43 and our community as a whole. Carol is a true advocate for all students and has demonstrated her commitment to public education.  Please join me in my endorsement of Carol Cahoon by re-electing her as school trustee!” 

Christopher Mason - Legal Counsel at College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan :

"I have known Carol both professionally and personally for almost 20 years. Throughout that time I have come to observe and interact with her on many occasions. Carol is a consummate learner that consistently seeks to understand matters so her comments and decisions are well informed and well thought out. Carols passion for constant improvement for her community including the school district is nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for her community is only seconded by her hard work. This is evidenced by all her successes, including her amazing family." 

Kelly Kolbe - School Teacher at James Park Elementary :

"I have known Carol for many years, having taught her two wonderful children in their early elementary career.  She was a very involved and dedicated parent and school volunteer.  Through the years, I have kept in touch with Carol and have followed her through her term as a school trustee.  There is no one else doing what Carol has done.  Her passion and enthusiasm for her position and work is inspiring and encouraging. It's wonderful to see such a positive and motivating person doing what is right for our schools and students.  I fully support and endorse Carol as school trustee and look forward to seeing her continue to bring light and strength to our school culture."

Andrew Schroeder, CA - Managing Partner at Schroeder Rashid LLP :

“I have known Carol since 1996 when she first became my client. She is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a dedicated parent. Carol is very organized and capable. I have found Carol to be reasonable at all times, forthright and fair. I have no hesitation in recommending her for the position of School Trustee.” 

Tim Bennett - Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters and School Board Chair of SD57 :

 “I have known Carol for many years and was great to reconnect with her in 2014 as we were both School Trustees. I have seen first-hand how passionate Carol is about education and ensuring that the needs of students are a priority. Carol is accessible, warm and welcoming and is a good advocate for public education.” 

Karen Langley - Institutional Records Manager and University Archivist at Athabasca :

"'Experienced, passionate advocate' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Carol. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for many years, during which time we were students together, as well as working colleagues, which has turned into a lifelong friendship. Above all, I have always been impressed with Carol’s ability to connect with anyone and represent their point of view. Being a good listener and her awareness of the world around her has made Carol an excellent advocate, and a true asset for any positions requiring professional communication skills, board oversight or decisive leadership. Carol's passion and commitment to a cause or organization that she contributes to, comes with my recommendation and heartfelt support.”

Stephen Chu - Associate Investment Advisor at HollisWealth :

"It's a rare privilege to work with one as gifted and down to earth as Carol. Over the past 13 years, I’ve seen her juggle many tasks and responsibilities with efficiency whether it be balancing finances to laying down the ground work for successful small business ventures. Carol continues to serve the public with enthusiasm and great care by listening to problems and effectively manage solutions for those problems. As a team member or leader, Carol earns my highest recommendation." 

Jim Hammersley - Security System Consultant at Acme Protective Systems LTD :

"I have known Carol for several years and have witnessed, first hand, her dedication and vision for her position as School Trustee. She juggles the position with her involvement in dance as well as her duties as music teacher with amazing fluidity. I highly recommend Carol as a person of great character."

Corrie Noble - Community Event Organizer, School District 43 Parent

"I have known Carol Cahoon for 4 years and appreciate her get-up-and-go, loyalty and enthusiasm to School District 43 as well as the City of Coquitlam. She is someone who always goes above and beyond when representing our school district in the community. With my involvement of organizing events with the District Parent Advisory Committee, Parent Advisory Committee, Community Sports and Local Charities, Carol has always been there when asked showing her support and representing the School Trustees in SD43. I value her leadership, dedication and experience; she has all the qualities to represent our School District as a School Trustee. I have no hesitation in recommending Carol to represent the Coquitlam School District and the City of Coquitlam as a School Trustee."